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Gelka ft Phoenix Pearle – Being You


Author: Zsofi Erdei

Gelka ft Phoenix Pearle – Being You

Here’s a brand new Gelka song from the forthcoming Café del Mar Vol. 19 compilation, which also featuring The XX, Bonobo, Chris Coco and Kate Bush.  A gentle heady cocktail set to be the soothing balm for this summer.


High above the clouds there’s a joyful spot in the sky where the Gelka producers are sitting side by side, sprinkling some hope for us humans with their future oriented downtempo. They have accumulated their natural and honest approach since their first Café Del Mar release, more than a decade ago, not to mention their other previous works, with releases at Warp, Mute, Ministry of Sound and Wax On Records. Avoiding all the hyped cliches they are still able to create something very contemporary and promising. A new surge of energy encouraging a re-emergence of  the whole chill-out scene once again.

The vocals should be familiar from  the cheerful, bright single  Soon on their debut album ,‘Less Is More’, one of the most outstanding and successful songs of the whole material. Phoenix Pearle, with her tiny dancers, completes the mood, making it more smooth and recognizable. Gelka don’t leave no stone unturned with her voice. Gently slicing up vocals show their mature sampling skills, all the more interesting if you aware of the drum patterns.

The duo still have some further presents in the pipeline for the next few months!


(All photos are taken by Zsofi Erdei)

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