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Ta-ku – Diamond Mouth


Author: Zsofi Erdei

Ta-ku – Diamond Mouth

Mad Hop crew is about the release the Perth based Ta-ku’s new track on 12′ vinyl in September, as the first compilation release of Mad13. In our short interview Kris Kolanus AKA ‘Kicore’ share some thoughts about this milestone. 


Say some expectations about the physical releases!

We are going to organize a few parties on day of release Friday 13th of September. I hope we can do in all the countries where the artists come from.

It was a little bit surprising how early you’ve started the promo! It seems that the vinyl is just a follow-up bonus add-on..

Yeah we started promo very early but we came up just  with track “Diamond Mouth” which is already well known from preexisting digital release “re-twerk” in 2012. Also first time we are going to make some t-shirts and we are not sure how many people are gonna order it minimum we have to do 50 thats why this early preorder.

How would you define the mood of the Ta-ku track? 
Whole compilation is retained in party mood similar like free drop “Mad-Hop vol.6″ offers solid dose of trap , juke , moombah etc.

The artwork is MAD! Tell me a few words about the artist!
The artwork is made by Marina Svetlova. Actually that was her first job for music community. Usually she does industrial design, but she did everything perfectly as I requested, I‘m 101% satisfied : )

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