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Vondelpark – Seabed


Author: Zsofi Erdei

Vondelpark – Seabed

Three childhood friends: Lewis Rainsbury, Alex Bailey and Matt Law. This is Vondelpark from R&S Records, where they fit in just fine with the new LP. 

Vondelpark is responsible for Sauna EP, where the “California Analog Dream” listed first, which track also appears on Seabed. In spite of the album title you shouldn’t feel depressed or lost while you’re listening the 10 tracks. Operating with magnetic melodies and aerial textures, Vondelpark is presenting a more mature production work comparing to Sauna. After 18 months of recordings they’ve finally done with the instrumentalist Seabed.


1. Quest
2. Blue Again
3. Dracula (highly recommended)
4. Come On
5.Always forever
6. California Analog Dream
7. Closer
8. Seabed
9. Bananas (on my biceps)
10.Outro 4 Ariel
Release date: April Fools’ Day 2013

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